Creating simple dynamic Data Quality Sheets

Once loading data into the QlikView script/application, data validation becomes one of the first tasks to accomplish. Here, I have provided a simple was in order to build a data validation sheet in order to analyze data by selecting table and field. The ability to obtain statistics for the field and values, make it easier in order to perform simple data quality checks.
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TrueChart Extension Review

TrueChart is an extension both for Qlik Sense and QlikView. It is an instrument to display visualizations according to International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). By this, a common understanding and displaying language can be achieved for QlikView and Qlik Sense applications within the organization. The unified given structures and rules make it convenient to concentrate on the data quality and information/message to be told rather than on the displaying aspects. The centrally controlled dynamic commenting function wraps the whole extension.
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Implementing simple KPI Visualisations

A dashboard or cockpit should clearly communicate key information to users. It should be kept simple and therefore and effective design is crucial. Besides showing the current situation, it should also show comparisons and trends.
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Storing and Reading Variables from an Excel Sheet

In every QlikView application, we have expressions, labels, color definitions, variables, etc. Just thinking of the expressions, if we write them in QlikView, every time, we have to change the expressions, we have to change it within each chart.

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Extraction, Data modeling and Analysis in different Scripts (Apps)

When implementing QlikView projects, I proceed with the following steps:

- Extraction of the source data and storing them in QVD format
- Transformation and implementing the data model
- Binary load the data model into the analysis application and implementing the user interface
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Multiple Developers on one Qlik Sense App

Is it possible to work together on an unpublished Qlik Sense application at the same time? Even there are still some limitations, it is possible.
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