Multiple Developers on one Qlik Sense App

Is it possible to work together on an unpublished Qlik Sense application at the same time? Even there are still some limitations, it is possible.
In Qlik Sense, a great functionality is the custom properties. Custom properties allow you to use own values for the security rules. Everyone, who administers a Qlik Sense application knows the importance of the custom properties. For me, I don't use tags, I choose custom properties instead.

So, how can you work multiple developers on the same unpublished application without changing the owner each time in the Management Console?

First, I have created the custom properties for the subject of the application (e.g. sales, purchase, etc.) and marked each object (application, task, stream, data connection, etc.) with the relating property. In my example, it was "Warenausgang". Afterwards, I created a second custom property, which defines the role of the users (enduser, developer, Administrator). These users do not have Admin rights in this case (such as ContentAdmin).

I created then a security role for the developers of my "Warenausgang" application, which includes the conditions for users with the role "Developer" and the marked as "Warenausgang". I have provided the with the required actions they can perform.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-24 um 14.38.32

That was it. I have tested it with another colleague, where we opened an unpublished application, created by me. He could see the application and my objects (sheets, master items, etc.). However, as we don't know in which sheet or object each of us was working, a coordination of the tasks was required. So we defined three areas where each of us could work independently:
  • - Master Items
  • - sheets and content
  • - Datamanager or data load editor

This is a simple was to work together on an unpublished application. I have also created the extraction and data model scripts, so I could work independently on the data model and my colleague would binary load the data model.