Customizing Qlik Sense UI

In QlikView, developers or designers can customize the user interface in order to match the corporate’s style sheet. In Qlik Sense February 2018 release, custom themes became available, in order to customize Qlik Sense user interface.

On of the Qlik Guru, Barry Harmsen, has created the SenseTheme website ( in order to easily create custom sense themes. It’s a convenient and comprehensible tool to use.

Pasted Graphic

Once you have customized the theme, you can download the theme. In Qlik Sense Desktop, you can unzip the downloaded file into the Qlik Sense Extensions folder. In a Qlik Sense Enterprise environment, you import the extension (theme) in the Qlik Sense Management console.

There is also a Theme gallery, if you wish to download some sample themes and try out.